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Doom, Doom II and Doom 3 Cheat Codes


See also the Wikipedia article Doom

IDKFA               - Gives you all weapons, keys and ammo.

IDBEHOLD Then S - Turns on the berserker punch
V - Makes you invulnerable.
I - Makes you invisible.
R - Gives you radiation suit.
A - Gives you the area map.
L - Gives you the lit-amp goggles
IDSPISPOPD - Turns clipping off(allows you to walk through walls)
IDMYPOS - Gives your (x,y) coordinates in hex
IDDQD - Degreelessness mode (aka God mode) You become invulnerable
IDDT(when in mapview)-Once gives you the whole map.
Twice lets you see all the monsters / objects.
Thrice puts you back to normal.
IDCLEVxy - Where x = 1, 2 or 3, and y = 1 - 9, Wraps you to level ExMy
IDCHOPPERS - Gives you the Chainsaw

DOOM II : Hell on Earth

See also the Wikipedia article Doom II

Changes from DOOM:

IDCLIP - Turns clipping off(allows you to walk through walls)

New in DOOM2

IDMUSxy - Play the music from level xy (xy=01 to xy=32)
IDFA - Gives you all the weapons and ammo, but not the keys
IDCLEVxy - Where xy=01 up to xy=30, Wraps you to level xy


DOOM2 -devparm -skill4 -respawn -warp## -fast

Where ## warps you to level ##


DOOM2 -turbo ###
(in single play. You can also use -tubo option in multiplayer mode)

where ### is betwen 100 and 250

This gives you extra speed(100%-250% of original speed). You will actually run faster than the rockets.


And that will show you where your friends are and where you are and give you full map! Tanks to nicoreed@alaska.net for this tip (I've not tested it, will it function ???)


See also the Wikipedia article Doom 3
Activate the console using Ctrl+Alt+Tilde (~). Now enter this command, so you
can open it by just pressing Tilde in the future:

com_allowConsole 1

Now use any of these codes. Please note that you can turn on this using "1"
and turning it off with "0" (showFPS, pm_thirdperson etc.):

aviDemo = Make an AVI out of a Demo-file
benchmark = Game Benchmark
com_showfps 1 = Show FPS
doomhell = Skip all levels to last
editor = Open Editor
freeze = Freeze all on screen
g_nightmare 1 = Unlock Nightmare-mode
g_showplayershadow 1 = See your shadow during Single-Player
gfxinfo = Graphics card information
give all = Full load of weapons, armor and ammo
give ammo = Max ammo
give armor = Max armor
give berserk = Berserk
give health = Max health
give invis = Invisibility
give keys = Acquire all the keys you'll ever need
god = God mode
kill = Commit suicide
killmonsters = Kill all monsters
noclip = No Clip
notarget = Invisible to most enemies
playdemo demo_name = Play a Demo
playdemo stop = Stop recording a Demo
pm_crouchspeed ### = Define how fast you can crouch
pm_runspeed ### = Define how fast you can run
pm_walkspeed ### = Define how fast you can walk
pm_noclipspeed ### = Define how fast you can navigate using the noclip-cheat
pm_jumpheight ### = Define how high you can jump
pm_thirdperson 1 = 3rd Person-view on
quit = Quit
recorddemo demo_name = Record a Demo
set g_dragEntity 1 = Grab objects/bodies when you fire at them
status = Your game status

Type6 submitted that's it's possible to find every code in the game by
pressing a letter (A, for example) and pressing TAB.

Add "map" in front of all of the following codes:
Single Player Levels (sorted on level, not names):
game/mars_city1 - Mars City
game/mc_underground - Mars City Underground
game/mars_city2 - Mars City Re-Visit
game/admin - Administration
game/alphalabs1 - Alpha Labs Sector 1
game/alphalabs2 - Alpha Labs Sector 2
game/alphalabs3 - Alpha Labs Sector 3
game/alphalabs4 - Alpha Labs Sector 4
game/enpro - EnPro Plant
game/commoutside - Communications
game/comm1 - Communications Transfer
game/recycling1 - Monorail Skybridge
game/recycling2 - Recycling Sector 2
game/monorail - Monorail
game/delta1 - Delta Labs Sector 1
game/delta2a - Delta Labs Sector 2a
game/delta2b - Delta Labs Sector 2b
game/delta3 - Delta Labs Sector 3
game/delta4 - Delta Labs Sector 4
game/hell1 - Hell
game/cpu - CPU Complex
game/cpuboss - CPU Boss
game/site3 - Site 3
game/caverns1 - Caverns Area 1
game/caverns2 - Cavern2 Area 2
game/hellhole - Primary Excavatio


Test Maps:
game/pdas - Room with all the PDAs and Video Disks
testmaps/test_box - A simple room
testmaps/test_boxstack - Lots of boxes
testmaps/test_lotsaimps - Lots of enemies

Video Disks
give video epd - EPD Video
give video hydrocon - Hydrocon Video
give video mfs - MFS Video
give video bfg - BFG Video
give video chaingun - Chaingun Video
give video demon_museum - Specimen Stasbib Museum
give video ian_report - Teleportation Experiments
give video ipn_news - IPV News
give video plasmagun - Plasmagun Video
give video recycling - Recycling Video
give video soulcube - Soulcube Video
give video tablets - Tablets

give pda admin_banks
give pda admin_dorweiler
give pda admin_moses
give pda admin_simons
give pda alphalabs1_berger
give pda alphalabs1_krietman
give pda alphalabs1_lipsitz
give pda alphalabs1_smith
give pda alphalabs2_chin
give pda alphalabs2_connors
give pda alphalabs3_abrams
give pda alphalabs3_lamia
give pda alphalabs3_nelson
give pda alphalabs3_poota
give pda alphalabs4_kaczynski
give pda caverns1_cody
give pda comm1_blake
give pda comm1_finch
give pda comm1_wolfe
give pda commoutside_holiday
give pda commoutside_ridge
give pda cpu_bates
give pda cpu_haskell
give pda cpuboss_tooloose
give pda delta1_mora
give pda delta1_price
give pda delta2a_cinders
give pda delta2a_raleigh
give pda delta2a_wilson
give pda delta2b_bullman
give pda delta2b_erikson
give pda delta2b_mcneil
give pda delta2b_stemmons
give pda delta3_cerano
give pda delta3_lee
give pda delta3_shultz
give pda delta4_gilbert
give pda delta5_jackson
give pda delta5_swann
give pda enpro_chasar
give pda enpro_hammer
give pda enpro_raad
give pda hell_garlick
give pda hell_hebert
give pda hellhole_id
give pda marscity2_caseon
give pda marscity2_duncan
give pda marscity2_stanton
give pda marscity2_tyson
give pda mc1_berneche
give pda mcunderground_baston
give pda mcunderground_delahue
give pda mcunderground_ryan
give pda mcunderground_young
give pda monorail_cullen
give pda monorail_harding
give pda monorail_hollies
give pda monorail_ross
give pda recycling1_garza
give pda recycling1_sadowayj
give pda recycling2_johnson
give pda recycling2_moen
give pda site3_davis
give pda site3_rogers

Doom 3 strategy guide:  DOOM 3 Xbox Prima Strategy Guide

Monsters and Weapons

give weapons = All weapons
give weapon_bfg = BFG (Big Fucking Gun)
give weapon_flashlight = Flashlight
give weapon_chaingun = Chaingun
give weapon_chainsaw = Chainsaw
give weapon_handgrenade
give weapon_machinegun = Machinegun
give weapon_pistol
give weapon_plasmagun = Plasmagun
give weapon_rocketlauncher = Rocket Launcher
give weapon_shotgun = Shotgun
give weapon_soulcube = Soulcube

Add "spawn" in front of all of the following codes:

weapon_bfg = BFG 9000
weapon_chaingun = Chaingun
weapon_machinegun = Machinegun
weapon_pistol = Pistol
weapon_plasmagun = Plasma Rifle
weapon_rocketlauncher = Rocket Launcher
weapon_shotgun = Shotgun
weapon_soulcube = Soul Cube

adrenaline = Adrenaline
megahealth = Mega Health
invisibility = Invisiblity

char_betruger = Betruger
char_campbell = Campbell
char_campbell_bfg = Campbell with a BFG
char_campbell_bfgcase = Campbell with a BFG case
char_hazmat = Scientist in Hazard Suit
char_sentry = Sentry Bot
char_security_goggles_pistol = Guard with Pistol
char_swann = Swann
marscity_marine_helmet_p90_walking = Armed Guard

env_gibs_leftarm= Left Arm
env_gibs_leftleg = Left Leg
env_gibs_rightarm = Right Arm
env_gibs_rightleg = Right Leg
env_gibs_spine = Bloody Spine
env_gibs_torso = Torso

moveable_base = Base
moveable_base_fixed = Base
moveable_base_barrel = Barrel
moveable_base_boulder = Boulder
moveable_base_brick = Base Brick
moveable_base_domino = Domino
moveable_blaptop = Laptop
moveable_burger = Burger
moveable_burgerboxopen = Open Burger Box
moveable_burgerboxclose = Close Burger Box
moveable_burningbarrel = Explosive Barrel
moveable_burningtank = Explosive Oxygen-Tank
moveable_cannister = Cannister
moveable_cartonbox (1 to 8) = Cartonbox
moveable_cokecan = Coke Can
moveable_chair (1, 2 or 5) = Chair
moveable_computer = Computer
moveable_explodingbarrel = Explosive Barrel
moveable_explodingtank = Explosive Oxygen-Tank
moveable_gizmo (1 to 3) = Gizmo
moveable_item_(any weapon here) = Any Weapon
moveable_ktable = Table
moveable_monitor = Monitor
moveable_paperwad = Wad of Paper
moveable_wrench = Wrench

monster_demon_archvile = Arch-Vile demon
monster_demon_cherub = Cherub
monster_demon_hellknight = Hellknight demon
monster_demon_imp = Imp
monster_demon_imp_crawler = Crawling Imp
monster_demon_imp_crawl_armdoor = Imp behind a door
monster_demon_maggot = Maggot demon
monster_demon_mancubus = Mancubus demon
monster_demon_pinky = Pinky Demon (Cyber dog)
monster_demon_revenant = Revenant
monster_demon_tick = Tick
monster_demon_trite = Trite demon
monster_demon_wraith = Wraith

monster_flying_cacodemon = Cacodemon Demon
monster_flying_lostsoul = Lost Soul

monster_boss_cyberdemon = Cyberdemon
monster_boss_guardian = Guardian
monster_boss_guardian_seeker = Guardian's Seeker
monster_boss_maledict_cinematic = Maledict (from the ending cinematic)
monster_boss_sabaoth = Sabaoth
monster_boss_vagary = Vagary

monster_zombie_bernie = Zombie-on-Fire
monster_zombie_boney = Boney Zombie
monster_zombie_commando = Commando Zombie
monster_zombie_commando_cgun = Chaingun Commando Zombie
monster_zombie_fat = Fat Zombie
monster_zombie_fat2 = Fat Zombie #2
monster_zombie_fat_wrench = Fat Zombie with Wrench
monster_zombie_labcoat = Zombie in lab coat
monster_zombie_limb = Zombie missing limb
monster_zombie_jumpsuit = Zombie in jumpsuit
monster_zombie_jumpsuit_eating = Eating Zombie
monster_zombie_maint = "Yellow Jacket" Zombie
monster_zombie_maint_bald = Bald Zombie
monster_zombie_maint_nojaw = Zombie with no jaw
monster_zombie_maint_flashlight = Zombie with flashlight
monster_zombie_maint_skinny = Skinny Zombie
monster_zombie_maint_wrench = Zombie with wrench
monster_zombie_maint = Zombie
monster_zombie_maint2 = Zombie #2
monster_zombie_pipe = Zombie with a pipe
monster_zombie_sawyer = Chainsaw Zombie
monster_zombie_skinny = Skinny Zombie
monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouth = Zombie with bloody mouth
monster_zombie_suit_neckstump = Zombie without a head
monster_zombie_suit_skinny = Skinny Zombie
monster_zombie_tshirt_bald = Zombie in T-shirt
monster_zombie_tshirt_blown = Zombie in brown T-shirt
monster_zsec_machinegun = Z-sec Zombie with SMG
monster_zsec_pistol = Z-sec Zombie with pistol
monster_zsec_shield = Z-sec Zombie with shield
monster_zsec_shotgun = Z-sec Zombie with Shotgun

      Here are a few more oldies but goldies some dating all the way back to the original Doom
    *  iddqd          =     Invincibility
    *  idkfa           =     All weapons, keys, ammo, and 200% armor
    *  idbeholds    =     Berserker strength
    *  idbeholdv    =     Temporary invincibility
    *  idbeholdi     =     Temporary invisibility
    *  idmypos      =     Display coordinates and heading
    *  idchoppers  =     chainsaw
    *  idbeholdl     =     Light amplification visor
    *  idspispopd  =     Walk through wall in noclip style

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